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I am a design thinker, brand enthusiast, and social entrepreneur with a drive for storytelling. I'm always looking to reinvent the wheel when it comes to creativity.

I am very passionate about building brands that matter to people, ones that channel a vision and identity that generate and surpass client expectations. It's all about selling why you do what you do and delivering inspiration while creating value.

Working independently and building new partnerships to strive for solid and durable business growth has always fascinated me.

It was the main reason why I decided to move to the US and pursue a field of study that would equip me with a broad and deep understanding of the interconnected business world. 

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I graduated in economics and political science with University Honors, as a member of the Dean's List, and received departmental honors after successfully defending my thesis on subjective poverty. Additionally, I completed a Business minor and the University Global Awareness Certificate.

My curiosity and drive toward life-long learning, have led me to partake in diverse online courses to enhance my performance in my professional and social work endeavors.

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Consumers today, more than ever, purchase based on whom they trust and what they believe. Marketing has become a lot more than merely promoting a brand or even 

I see marketing as a way to connect with people, as a human-centered approach to business. My experience has corroborated my drive to help brands best understand their target personas and constantly enhance them to shape their customer base and adjust the product to tailor to their needs.

In 2020, I started a brand, AmorXLOCOMBIA, to help tackle the COVID-19 crisis on the Colombian Caribbean Coast. 

It all started as I ideated and produced a music video to fundraise for a nutrition assistance program that yielded hundreds of meals and food baskets. It established the movement of AmorXLOCOMBIA and launched LOCOMBIA, Colombia’s best self, building awareness of the nationwide need to lend a hand. Then, I designed, sold, and shipped a symbolic fashion collection that paid tribute to the Colombians in the informal economy: LOCOMBIAxNuestraGente. The sale supported 100 families with weekly sustenance during the 156-day quarantine.


AmorXLOCOMBIA taught me that remarkable opportunities often come from difficult problems and confirmed my dream to build a brand from the ground up that aims to work toward poverty eradication. 

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