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The go-to platform for sustainable tourism


Modern tourism's carbon footprint paints a grim picture globally, accounting for 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions and a potential 40% surge by 2050. Tourists lack an environmentally-friendly way to travel, get to know the world, and vacation that is user-friendly and accessible. A staggering 40% of tourist sites struggle to cope with waste generated by travelers.

To tackle the unsustainable travel industry head-on, my team and I built a game-changing response to these critical issues: PlanetPass. Our platform offers a holistic solution for environmentally-conscious explorers. By seamlessly integrating sustainable accommodations, transport, activities, and dining, PlanetPass empowers travelers to explore with minimal ecological impact.

My Role

Strategic Designer
ESG Consultant
UX Researcher


Survey Creation
Value Proposition Framing


Camila Ordonez
Bhasmah Gudairi

Louisa Buck

1. Carbon Footprint of Global Tourism

Tourism is responsible for 8% of the world's carbon emissions. From plane flights and boat rides to souvenirs and lodging, various activities contribute to tourism's carbon footprint.

This is where it comes from:

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 5.00.10 PM.png







Construction & Mining 6%









Annual Global Tourism
Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Source: Lenzen et Al (2019)

Our Iterative Approach to Design Thinking



and Ideate


2. Understanding User Needs through Primary Research

We conducted a survey of and asked college students and young professionals ages 18 - 30 living in New York, who are from 24 different countries and 43 cities.


Exploring the respondents’ travel styles and identifying key considerations and pain points within our target audience led us to create important insights for our product vision. 

Factors to Sustainable Travel


Skepticism on impact

Belief that you are not harming the environment

Trip Booking Considerations


Accessibility of the place/location 


Activities offered at the location


selected 6,7 or 8 on a scale of 1-10, on how important sustainability is when traveling




User Experience

Tourists lack an environmentally-friendly way to travel, get to know the world, and vacation that is user-friendly and accessible.

Key Insight

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 8.45.22 PM.png

4. Context Setting and Ideation





While developing our unique selling point, we used the model of the Innovation Sweet Spot by IDEO, and considered it incomplete.

We added a fourth layer to it: sustainability, as the widespread impact of an innovation should encompass all business considerations and planning – whether their impact is of ecological and/or social nature. A key question that arose was: What positive, social and environmental effects would our product/service have?

The Concept

  • Prioritization of sustainable options to enhance travel experiences 

  • Promotion of sustainable tourism options that support local economies and reduce carbon emissions

  • Description of the platform as a provider of sustainable tourism options  

The Problem

  • Traditional tourism often neglects sustainability and fails to prioritize environmentally-friendly practices options 

  • Local communities may not receive adequate support from tourism revenue 

  • Travelers often struggle to find a comprehensive platform that offers sustainable travel options in one place 

The Offer

  • Sustainable travel options in one place, with a user-friendly experience 

  • Travel plans with a focus on the circular economy and partnerships with sustainable organizations 

  • Budget-friendly tourism plans with rewards and points

3. Synthesizing our Insights through Design Frameworks

Based on our data, we created user personas to help us create an intuitive and user-friendly experience that aligns with what the users expect and prefer. These facilitated a consensus among our team and provided a shared understanding of the target audience, making it easier to align goals and objectives. 

Further, we created a prioritization matrix to rank the personas' preferences on the various features to ensure we focus on features that will have the greatest impact on user satisfaction and business success.


5. Business Design

Competitive Landscaping

Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 2.32.20 PM.png

GTM Strategy


#1. The hub for all information on PlanetPass - the types of sustainable travel options available, pricing, and booking details.

A convenient way where customers browse  travel options, make bookings, and manage reservations while receiving push notifications and alerts.



Effective way to keep customers informed about sustainable travel trends and new offerings while sharing tips and customer success stories.

Direct communications campaigns are used for targeted and personalized communication with customers.


Powerful platforms to engage with customers, build brand awareness, and promote sustainable travel options.

Social Media

Marketing Strategy




Popup in Times Square

Traveler Influencer Campaigns

Sustainable Travel Blogs

Google Ads & Paid Social Ads

Retargeting Ads

Discounts & Promotions

Customer Reviews & Testimonials 

6. Prototype: Booking a Sustainable Trip

Digital Experience

We added some key features to enhance the overall user experience, and incentivize website usage through added value compared to the competition. 

planetpass v2 (1).png

Accommodation Filters

Provide a streamlined search based on the experiences, impact, and destination tailored to the user's preferences.

planetpass v2 (2).png

Pre-designed Itineraries

Either customized plans for a customer's preferences or pre-set for specific destinations and experiences.

planetpass v2 (5).png


All our partners are accredited by a third-party certification for the sustainable practices.

planetpass v2 (3).png

High Standard Certifications

Ensure all partners are sustainable and environmentally-friendly and meet specific ethical standards.

planetpass v2 (4).png

Real Impact

The assurance of sustainability and eco-friendliness through the third-party certification held by all partners.

My Role

Value Proposition

I conceptualized the idea of a sustainable tourism platform and defined our unique value proposition centering around providing travelers with a user-friendly and accessible way to explore the world while minimizing their environmental impact.

Business Design & Marketing

I formulated the project's go-to-market strategy by leveraging the human-centered insights gained from the data through persona creation and the prioritization matrix. 

UX Research

I led our primary research phase in data gathering, empathizing with our diverse target audience, understanding their motivations, frustrations, and preferences, and tailoring our product to their specific needs.

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